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Gli opifici idraulici della prima manifattura tessile di Dubrovnik

Francesco Bettarini orcid id ; Sveučilište u Udinama, Udine, Italija

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str. 53-88

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With the realization of the industrial plant of Pile, Dubrovnik inaugurated in 1416 the production of fabrics according to the standards of Italian manufacture. In the organization of the putting-out system, the use of water resources for cleaning and dyeing required experimentation of the ever-changing forms of management. This article examines both the firms and the artisans who managed
the hydraulic factories in the first twenty years of the textile manufacturing in Dubrovnik. This period witnessed a mix of public and private investments, import of significant foreign human resources, and the rise and fall of various dyers.

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Dubrovnik nel XV secolo, lana, tintori, opifici idraulici, imprenditoria di stato

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