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THE INCARNATION AND THEOLOGY OF RELIGIONS Critical review to some recent interpretations of the Incarnation

Nikola Bižaca orcid id ; Katolički bogoslovni fakultet, Sveučilište u Splitu

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In the actual discussion on Theology of Religions one of the
central topics is the understanding of the Incarnation of God’s
Word. In the introductory reflections the author raises awareness
of the importance of the Incarnation within the Theology of
Religions that aims to be Christian and therefore respects the
proclaimed Christocentricity of God’s creative-redeeming project.
But it is also realistic in dialogue and open to God’s activity in the
areas of other religious traditions. Then the author presents some
aspects of understanding the Incarnation as suggested by the
Pluralistic Theology of Religions and J. Dupuis and a critical review
to it. Facing the one-sidedly understood metaphoric presentation
of the occurrence of Jesus Christ by the Pluralistic Theology, the
author is trying to show that the pluralistic deconstruction of
the “realism” of the Incarnation cannot be founded on biblical
privileging of metaphoric or any other pictorial expression. Then
the author investigates the theological meaningfulness of Dupuis’s
speech on “Lógos ásarkos. Final thoughts offer a different way
of describing the possibility of communicating the occurrence
of Jesus Christ with unquestionable values, especially with the
specific values of religious traditions that are still hardly reducible,
or not reducible at all, to the value and perceptive elements of
historical Christianity.

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Theology of Religions; Pluralistic Theology of Religions; J. Hick; J. Dupuis; biblical metaphor; kenosis; realism of the Incarnation; Christological universalism

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