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THE SACRAMENT OF MATRIMONY IN THE EASTERN CHURCH History and theology of the holy mystery of marriage

Ante Mateljan orcid id ; Katolički bogoslovni fakultet, Sveučilište u Splitu

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str. 35-66

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This work deals with the history and theology of the holy
mystery of marriage (the sacrament of matrimony) in the Orthodox
theological tradition and church practice. The first part presents
the history of matrimony in the Orthodox Church, from the
interpretations of Church Fathers of III-V century, through the
canons of general councils and regional synods, to the Byzantine
imperial and church codification of matrimonial law. The second
part is a theological analysis of understanding the marriage as
a holy mystery, i.e. as a sign of connection between Christ and
Church. Besides the key elements of theological anthropology
(man as the image of God providing he is a relevant being), the
themes of the minister and recipient are discussed, as well as
the benefits, characteristics and effects of the sacrament of
matrimony. The third part presents the specifics of the Orthodox
practice of dissolving the validly concluded marriage, founded on
understanding that the marriage bond is discontinued because of
moral or religious death (adultery in Mt 5,32 and 19,9). The author
also gives reasons for the dissolving of marriage that are recognized
today by the Orthodox Church law. In conclusion the author
briefly points out the agreements and disagreements regarding the
sacrament of matrimony in the Catholic and Orthodox Church.

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sacrament of matrimony; Orthodox theology; holy mystery of marriage

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