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Ester-filled distribution transformers

Dr. Bhaba P. Das
Suhel Patel

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The ever increasing demand for electricity in the world is a major cause of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. With increasing numbers of new distribution transformers added every year, the contribution of CO2 emission from transformer increases. It has been reported by the United Nations (UN) that almost 730 million tons/year of CO2 emission are contributed by transformers alone.
Thus, there is an urgent need to find a sustainable model to meet the demand, maintain reliability and yet reduce CO2 emissions. By using sustainable ester fluids, a force multiplier to the existing
minimum efficiency guidelines can be achieved. This combination will act as an encouragement for purchasers while defining their transformer purchasing policy by adopting sustainable transformer ratings rather than peak transformer ratings. This article quantifies how the cost of losses are reduced while simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions.

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distribution transformers, ester fluid, sustainability, total cost of ownership, CO2 emissions

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