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What Does the Term Governance Mean and How Should It Be Translated?

Gojko Bežovan orcid id ; Pravni fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The paper analyses the meaning and understanding of the term governance and its translation into Croatian. Governments, executive authorities, governing in a top-down approach, issuing orders, and controlling, administering, cannot effectively and efficiently deal with the problems and challenges. To meet such challenges, governments accept bottom-up governance, based on the horizontal principle of cooperation with other stakeholders, which enables them to mobilize available resources, build the trust and a new network of cooperation, and develop the concept of governance. The concept of good governance in the European Union is a tool that strengthens convergence processes. Research on the implementation of the concept of governance in Croatia is rare, and papers mainly analyse governance, good governance, and multilevel governance as a new administrative doctrine. Having in mind the meaning of the term governance in English, and its meaning in relation to other terms, it is held that it should be translated into Croatian as vladavina, not as upravljanje. In addition, the meaning of the terms: affordability, social entrepreneurship, eligibility, and resilience are analysed and the terms for their translation into Croatian are proposed.

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governance; administration; good governance; translation into Croatian

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