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The Visionary from Wackyland: Bob Clampett’s Early Films

Rajko Petković ; University of Zadar

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Taking the example of early films by Bob Clampett, one of the most important animators of Classical Hollywood cinema, the paper explores the dichotomy between the so-called artistic animation and animation as a product of the Hollywood assembly lines and mass production system. While the former is seen as a proper art form and has a venerable treatment in animation studies, the latter is underappreciated, neglected and often dealt with in a patronizing way. This dichotomy is the main
reason why the field of animation studies is very often elitist and full of biased and unbalanced approaches, wherein modernist works are seriously analysed, while the lighter, entertainment-oriented Hollywood fare is dismissed with condescension. However, as also argued by Fawell,
the light touch and elegance of these films today makes them among the most significant works to come out of Hollywood. Bob Clampett directed 87 films in his career and the present paper deals
with his early phase, namely the 40 Looney Tunes, which were all made in black-and-white and starred Porky. Although his later phase is beyond doubt more important and considered today among the most intriguing contributions to Hollywood animation, many of his early works also brim with energy and a feeling of vitality. Clampett’s early phase has so far been inadequately explored, but is also of immense importance for any serious analysis of the development of his style.

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animation, classical Hollywood, elitism, vitalism, energy, vitality, style, surrealism, deranged humour

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