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Personal and Family Losses as Cause and Consequence of Drug Addiction and Psychotherapeutic Effects

Ida Kolinović orcid id ; Univerzitet u Crnoj Gori, Socijalna radnica/samostalna savjetnica u Ministarstvu finansija i socijalnog staranja Crne Gore, Podgorica, Crna Gora

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This paper presents the problem of drug addiction from the aspect of personal and family losses. The life stories of drug addicts are often marked by suffering and loss. Various studies have shown that there are many losses associated with the genesis of drug addiction, drug addiction lifestyle and addiction treatment. For people who are unable to work on feelings of sadness associated with losses in a healthy way, drug use often becomes a source of relief - “self-help therapy”. The addictive lifestyle as a specific type of loss accumulates other losses, while the addiction treatment also includes losses (giving up drugs and their effects) and working on unresolved grief caused by losses that occurred before and during drug abuse. That is the reason why it is very important that the treatment provides help and support to an addict in order to successfully go through the grieving process. In this regard, there is an obligation and necessity that clinical social workers engaged in treatment of addiction, have knowledge and skills for work with trauma, grief and loss.

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loss, grief, cause, consequence, drug addiction, treatment, social worker

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