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Marija Krešić ; Fakultet prirodoslovno-matematičkih i odgojnih znanosti, Sveučilište u Mostaru, BiH

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Authority plays a central role in the educational process. While in the past, teacher authority was based primarily on the expertise and position of the teacher as a knowledge transferring professional, today, authority is understood primarily as a form of a teacher-student relationship constructed during classroom interactions. In doing so, teachers direct students' behaviours, and students voluntarily accept the teacher's instructions. The paper states that teachers, as proper pedagogical authorities, should have subject knowledge, positive personality traits and establish quality relationships with students. The aim of the research was to examine which characteristics teachers associate with authority to check whether the theoretical concept of the pedagogical authority of teachers has its basis in teachers' attitudes. Qualitative data analysis resulted in three categories: professional, personal and relational qualities. The results showed that teachers are aware that in today's circumstances, it is not enough to have subject knowledge and positive personality traits, but it is essential to build an authority relationship in the classroom.

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authority; teachers; relationship; contemporary school

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