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Application of Affective Lexicons in Sports Text Mining: a Case Study of FIFA World Cup 2018

Dino Avdić ; Fakultet elektrotehnike i računarstva, Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Marina Bagić Babac orcid id ; Fakultet elektrotehnike i računarstva, Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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World Cup is a major football event that is globally popular and has its very best influence on human
emotions. As such, it affects how people verbally discuss football topics on the Internet. In addition,
it shows great significance when viewers who usually do not watch other football competitions start
paying close attention when their nation plays a World Cup football match. In this paper, fans’ online
behaviour during World Cup 2018 was analysed using text mining methods. With the use of emotion
analysis, it is noticed that there are different emotional states through which people go while sharing
their thoughts with other people about football. Reddit, a discussion Internet website, was used as a
generator of user data. Five supervised machine learning algorithms were used to test and revise an
existing model. It is affirmed that the model successfully predicts the emotions within the text with
an average accuracy of 78%.

Ključne riječi

text mining; emotion analysis; football; Reddit; machine learning

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