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Stroke – Facts and Preconceptions

Hrvoje Budinčević

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Stroke is the global leading cause of physical disability. The aim of this paper is to present the basics of stroke pathophysiology and to highlight new risk factors for stroke development and the measures provided for in the Stroke Action Plan for Europe. The pathophysiology of this brain disease includes thrombosis or embolism that lead to reduced blood flow through the vessel that supplies a certain part of the brain where the infarction occurs. The ischemic cascade ultimately leads to cell death - neurons. Recently, new risk factors for the development of stroke such as air pollution, sleep apnea, stress and depression have been identified. The Stroke Action Plan for Europe aims to improve the whole pathway of care, from stroke prevention and early treatment, to post-stroke support and care.

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stroke; pathophysiology; risk factors; Stroke Action Plan for Europe

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