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Carotid Atherosclerosis

Anka Aleksić Shihabi

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Atherosclerotic disease of the arteries of the head and neck causes 15% of all ischemic strokes. More than half of the survivors face post-stroke disability, which is why this disease is a great financial burden for the entire health system, and thus for society as a whole. Therefore, it is very important in terms of treatment to focus on the study of risk factors and prevention of this disease. Carotid artery stenosis is divided according to degree into initial stenosis (up to 50%), moderate stenosis (51 – 75%), significant stenosis (76 – 95%) and pseudoocclusion (above 95%). It is also divided into symptomatic and asymptomatic, and the treatment model is determined based on the latter parameters. Therapy includes peroral therapy (antiplatelet), but there is also the possibility of carotid endarterectomy (CEA) and endovascular stent placement.

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atherosclerosis; carotid artery disease; plaque; ischemic stroke

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