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Post-Stroke Cognitive Impairment

Vladimira Vuletić

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Post-stroke cognitive impairment is a common occurrence in stroke patients. This is often a neglected consequence of stroke that affects the rehabilitation of patients. The risks of cognitive impairment after stroke are many: demographic (age, education level, previous stroke, etc.), vascular factors (diabetes, hypertension, stroke type, affected brain area (location size, etc.), pre-stroke cognitive and functional status, the presence of depression and functional disability. Neuroradiological methods may show global cerebral atrophy or regional atrophy such as hippocampal atrophy or medial temporal lobe atrophy, white matter lesions and changes, silent infarcts, lacunar infarcts and microbleeds. The mechanism of post-stroke dementia is still unknown. In this article, we will describe the epidemiological characteristics, mechanism, risk factors and treatment options for cognitive problems after stroke.

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post-stroke cognitive impairment; mild cognitive impairment; dementia

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