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Palliative Care after Stroke

Juraj Mark Poje

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Palliative care is aimed at reducing physical and mental suffering in patients (and their families) with severe incurable diseases. Palliative care in stroke has a proven effect on improving the quality of life of patients and their loved ones. The basic principles are communication with the patient and the caregiver in order to determine potential realistic goals and possible complications, and measures to reduce physical and mental problems. Decisions on the phase of terminal stages of the disease are of great legal but also ethical importance. Unfortunately, palliative care is not applied sufficiently and adequately after a stroke, which results in a significant reduction in the quality of life of patients and their families, but also increases treatment costs. The development and implementation of standardized palliative care measures is necessary for adequate treatment of patients with stroke, but it is also essential to change the paradigm of current thinking and definition around the very concept of palliative care.

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palliative care; stroke; quality of life; communication; terminal phase of the disease

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