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Big Data Analytics Changes in Health Care Industry

Ezzat Abdulaziz Mansour ; Faculty of Arts and Humanities, King Abdulaziz University (KAU), Abdullah Sulayman, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (KSA)

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The present research is to find out the information, which are related with big data analytics in health care industry. It enhances the electronic health and electronic medical records in hospitals. Many medical services are experiencing a drastic change in maintaining the medical records in health care industry. Big data analytics is the primary factor that combines many bits of information together to focus on maintaining medical records in a systematic manner. A proper practice of documentation helps and assists the medical procedure easier. There is always a life cycle in maintaining medical records in the health care industry. The study covers the changes that are been implemented and changed the methods of maintain health care records in the private hospitals. Big data analytics is facing many challenges in enhancing the utilization of big information in a simple manner. The investigation contributes on advanced wellbeing rehearses by investigating the appropriate adaption of scientific instruments to EHRs to shape the significant utilization of large information examination with EHRs. The majority of hospitals suffer from inefficient service of big data analytics with electronic health records (EHRs) to develop high-quality understandings for their clinical preparations. Marking on the knowledge-based perspective and massive data lifecycle, this article attempt to explore how the three knowledge modes are able to attain consequential usage of huge data analytics with EHRs. To experiment with the offered model, we analyzed five hundred and eighty Chinese nurses of a big hospital over the year 2019. Structural equation modeling was utilized to investigate connections between the meaningful use of EHRs and the knowledge mode of EHRs. The study's outcomes reveal that know-what regarding EHRs use, know-how EHRs storage and utilization, and know-why storage and utilization is able to enhance nurses’ meaningful use of big data analytics with EHRs.

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Big Data Analytics; Health Care Industry; Health Records; Hospitals

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