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Factors Affecting Knowledge Sharing in the Administrative Work Environment

Magdah Ezzat Gharieb ; Information Science Department, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, King Abdulaziz University, 21589 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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The study aims at contributing in identifying the factors affecting the sharing of knowledge in the administrative work environment, starting from realizing the concept of knowledge sharing among administrators in the various administrative sectors of the university, identifying their opinions, attitudes, behaviors and practices towards sharing knowledge in the work environment, and depicting the expected benefits of sharing knowledge at the university. It relied on the descriptive approach using the survey method, where an electronic questionnaire was distributed to a random sample of administrators within the University. The study concluded that the most influential demographic data on Knowledge sharing is the employee’s years of experience, the more the experience increases, the more knowledge sharing will be. The study attributes this result to trust and its impact on work practice. The cognitive type of knowledge that administrators share most is modern information, administrative processes and procedures, and social activities. The study also revealed that sharing knowledge pushes them towards positive relationships that bind the employee with other administrators working at the university and finding strong relationships with employees who have common jobs and relationships depending on trusting others led to increased knowledge sharing. Moreover, sharing administrative knowledge increases productivity within the university, supports innovation among administrators, helps develop university work procedures, and increases the efficiency of employee’s cooperation, and helps colleagues within the university work to find solutions to problems and that the university's organizational culture promotes knowledge sharing among administrators, and a culture of teamwork. The study indicated that the most relevant applications that help administrators share knowledge are specialized training programs, work teams and groups of practice in the same profession.

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administrative staff; knowledge management; knowledge sharing; organizational culture; practice groups

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