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Major Security Issue That Facing Social Networks with Its Main Defense Strategies

Abdullah Safhi ; King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Adel Al-Zahrani ; King Abdulaziz Medical City NGHA, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Mohammed Alhibbi ; Mohammed Alhibbi King Abdulaziz Medical City NGHA, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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The Social Network Service "SNS" has enabled significant advancements in a wide variety of scientific fields, and as a result, it has become an extremely popular subject in both academia and business. SNSs can be extremely beneficial to users because they eliminate economic and geographical barriers and can be used for job searching, entertainment and education. Regardless of the economic and social benefits, protecting businesses and users' security and privacy remains a critical issue that must be addressed. It is critical to address and evaluate social network service challenges, as they vary according to the variety of SNS sites. Thus, by discussing SNS challenges alongside available and potential solutions, users, developers, and businesses can identify relevant and timely responses to specific threats, resulting in the best SNS-based services possible. The objective of this article is to discuss the inherent challenges of social networking sites and some critical solutions for resolving them. We extracted and analyzed seminal papers to add to the corpus of literature by focusing on several critical challenges in the social network service domain and shedding light on how these challenges affect a variety of domains, including users, sites, and business. The most frequently mentioned difficulties concerned privacy risks, anonymity risks, malware, spam, identity theft, phishing, business data, social content, technical issues, and psychological difficulties. By incorporating previously discovered solutions, this paper addressed these issues. The implications for both researchers and practitioners have been discussed.

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SNS; Social Network; Social Network Challenges; Strategies and Defense

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