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Ivan Marijan

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This paper deals with the issue of achieving the independence of Kosovo and Abkhazia, and compares their cases, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages that are crucial in achieving independence and establishing sovereignty over their territory, as well as gaining international subjectivity. Through the 20th and at the very beginning of the 21st century, most of the states known today were created. Most of them were created by the process of decolonization, but there are also those states that fought for independence by separating from multinational state communities, which ceased to exist after the mentioned secession. This left many questions open. Some of their successors were immediately guaranteed independence, while others had to fight both with arms and through diplomatic channels to reach the desired status of an independent state. The great world powers, in this case primarily the US and Russia, saw in these state breakdowns and the creation of new ones their chance to expand their influence and increase their own power in a historical period that we can freely call the Second Cold War, if the first ceased at all. These great powers, according to the famous Italian Niccolo Machiavelli and the proposition that the end justifies the means, really work in such a way, where the biggest loser becomes international law whose provisions and instructions are skillfully circumvented, which will be discussed in this paper. Political allies become only followers of policies dictated from the two main centers just as they did after the end of World War II. The paper historically follows the status of Kosovo and Abkhazia and analyzes the moments in history that are crucial in shaping their status today. Without a quality understanding of the background, it is not easy to understand the present of events in these contemporary political hotspots through which the interests of the greatest actors on the political map of this world collide.

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Kosovo, Abkhazia, Albanians, Abkhazians, independence, self-determination, international recognition

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