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The origin and historical development of the liturgy of Good Friday until the formation of the missal of 1570.

Ivan Rako ; Univerzitet u Sarajevu - Katolički bogoslovni fakultet, Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina

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This article provides an insight on the medieval celebration of Good Friday in Rome, because only in medieval sources can we find a clearly formed celebration of Good Friday. At the beginning there is a reflection on the great mystery of the cross, which exposed all the sin and evil that still oppresses humanity today. Since the literature on this topic in the Croatian language is very scarce, it was necessary to research primary sources, compare them, and show their similarities and differences. The first part of the paper deals with the name of Good Friday in various Roman sources, which is derived by different criteria. The second part presents the core of the Roman celebration, the Sacramentarium Gelasianum and Ordo Romanus XXIII, the sources that have had an impact on the celebration of Good Friday until today. The third part examines the development of the liturgy of Good Friday up to the Missale Romanum of 1570 which is the final point of the medieval celebration in Rome. In the last part there is a discussion of some of the most important elements of the Good Friday liturgy, that is, the service of the word, the worship of the cross and communion. In conclusion, the author summarizes the entire article and places special emphasis on the unity of the celebration, and the whole Paschal mystery.

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Good Friday; Sacramentarium Gelasianum; Ordo Romanus; Missale Romanum 1570; service of the word; worship of the cross; communion.

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