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Systemic infection with single or multi-organ damage caused by inadequately managed chronic wounds: a case series

Điđi Delalić ; Medical School, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
Robert Roher ; Merkur University Hospital, Zagreb, Croatia
Dean Mileta ; Merkur University Hospital, Zagreb, Croatia
Ingrid Prkačin orcid id ; Medical School, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia; Merkur University Hospital, Zagreb, Croatia

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Chronic wounds are often underestimated condition with increasingly growing
inpatient and outpatient treatment costs. Since the patient population affected by chronic wounds is
heterogeneous and includes diabetes, chronic venous insufficiency and peripheral artery disease patients,
with additional differences in gender, age, previous medical history, treatment of chronic wounds
is highly personalized and dependent on a variety of factors. This paper aims to highlight the problems
that the chronic wound patient population is facing during the COVID -19 pandemic: from higher
probability of an undesirable disease outcome to the fact that many of them have limited access to
primary care providers and to the regular and continuous care that their condition demands.
This paper describe three patients with chronic wounds. Each of the patients had a significant
worsening of their chronic wounds during the COVID -19 pandemic: either following an active
SARS-CoV-2 infection or due to the limited access to primary care.
The cases described here highlight the necessity of providing proper and regular care for all patients
during the COVID -19 pandemic, regardless of the current state of the healthcare system and
the adversities and hurdles it currently faces, to prevent the pandemic from becoming a syndemic.

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chronic wounds; care; COVID-19 pandemic

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