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Sepsis definition: What’s new in the Treatment Guidelines

Ivana Srzić ; Department of Emergency Medicine, Clinical Hospital Sveti Duh, Zagreb, Croatia
Višnja Nesek Adam ; Department of Emergency Medicine, Clinical Hospital Sveti Duh, Zagreb, Croatia; University Department for Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Care, Clinical Hospital Sveti Duh, Zagreb, Croatia; Faculty of Medicine Osijek, J.J. Strossmayer University, Osijek, Croatia; Libertas International University, Zagreb, Croatia
Darinka Tunjić Pejak ; Department of Emergency Medicine, Clinical Hospital Sveti Duh, Zagreb, Croatia

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Sepsis is a life-threatening organ dysfunction caused by an unregulated response
of a host. Septic shock is its most severe form. It is manifested by a drop in blood pressure, which
decreases tissue perfusion pressure, causing hypoxia that is characteristic of shock. Sepsis is still one of
the leading causes of mortality worldwide. Its incidence has increased since the first consensus definitions
were established in 1991. Raising sepsis awareness, its significance and the need for better treatment,
has led to an improvement in in defining sepsis and the development of guidelines for its treatment.
The first guidelines were published in 2004, the second 2008, the third 2013, the fourth 2016,
and the last revised guidelines appeared in 2021. This paper will describe the previous and new definitions
of sepsis and septic shock, the previous guidelines for the recognition and treatment, and the
latest recommendations for treatment. Timely diagnosis is crucial for the outcomes for patients with
sepsis and septic shock. The fact is that the sepsis care bundles have been modified to increasingly
shorter time determinants, which emphasizes the importance of emergency physicians, who frequently
first recognize and begin emergency treatment of septic patients.

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sepsis; septic shock; treatment; definition; bundles

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