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Were there Parishes in the Territory of the Bela Preceptory of the Hospitallers in 1334?

Juraj Belaj orcid id ; Institut za arheologiju, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The 1334 list of parishes from the Statute of the Kaptol of Zagreb composed by archdeacon Ivan Gorički is an invaluable source for the study of the territory of the mediaeval Zagreb diocese. This paper addresses the problem that the list does not mention a single parish from the territory of the Hospitallers’ Preceptory with the seat in Bela. Various opinions present in the literature about the reasons for this are mentioned. Based on the analysis of historical documents, in combination with the results of archaeological excavations in Ivanec, and coupled with the ideas provided by the latest mythological research, the author concludes that the parishes existed at that time in that territory – but under the jurisdiction of the Hospitallers – and that the Diocese did not collect ‘’Peter’s Pence“ from them, which is why they were not included in Ivan Gorički’s list. And the ‘’occupation’’ of which Ivan Gorički speaks did not relate to them.

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Parishes; list of parishes; Ivan Gorički; Ivanec; Bela; Bela Preceptory; Hospitallers

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