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A Revelatory Case Study for the Emergence of Powerships: The Floating Power Plant Innovation for Rural Electrification

Murat Pamik ; Dokuz Eylül University, Maritime Faculty, Izmir, Turkey
Murat Bayraktar ; Dokuz Eylül University, Maritime Faculty, Izmir, Turkey
Olgun Konur ; Dokuz Eylül University, Maritime Faculty, Izmir, Turkey
Mustafa Nuran ; Dokuz Eylül University, Maritime Faculty, Izmir, Turkey

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The existence of energy is essential to countries striving to survive, both socially and economically. In this context, countries establish different types of power plants and use alternative energy resource,s such as solar and wind power, to meet their energy needs. Establishing power plants and using alternative energy resources are tough for some regions, such as Middle Eastern, African, and Asian countries. Thereby Powerships have been developed due to the consideration that these countries suffer from energy deficiency and encounter difficulties in building land power plants. In this study, the emergence of Powerships, providing electricity to energy-deficient countries and the successful launch strategies, are investigated. A single revelatory case study concept is used to understand what exactly the Powerships are, where they operate, positive and negative situations encountered during operation, as well as economic benefits compared to other systems. In this context, together with the intensive literature review, semi-structured interview questions are prepared for several company officials and former employees and detailed evaluations are described in the Powerships operation process. Semi-structured interview questions results are evaluated and discussed with a view to understanding how the company has successfully launched its innovative product to the energy market. This article will, we hope, represent a significant resource for experts, academics, and companies working on floating energy power plants in the future.

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Electricity, Powerships, Single revelatory case study, Innovationn, Energy demand

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