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Comparative research of the growth of beech in natural stands on 12 localities

Sanja Perić ; Šumarski institut, Jastrebarsko
Jasnica Medak ; Šumarski institut, Jastrebarsko
Mladen Ivanković ; Šumarski institut, Jastrebarsko

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Common beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) is one of our most valuable economical species of forest wood. It is most distributed in the forest reserves of Croatia, both in view of the area of distribution and of growing stock.
This paper is based on the results of five-year monitoring of the growth of Beech, its height growth, plant structure according to height classes and the ratio of mixture of different species of trees in Beech young plants on experimental plots within the natural range of
its distribution in the Republic of Croatia. Previously established experiments of provenances of Common beech on the localities of the Forest District Offices Kutina G.j. "Kutinska Garjevica" and NPŠO Duboka served as the basis for the choice of location for
setting up the experimental plots. Experimental plots were established in several seed units and seed zones, and include montane beech forests, Pannonian forests of beech and fir and
maritime beech forests.
An investigation was carried out on 24 established experimental plots in an area of naturally distributed beech in the regions of six forest administrations, branch offices and 12 forestry offices: UŠP Požega (Forestry Offices Velika, Požega, Kutjevo and Pleternica), UŠP Bjelovar (Forestry Office Ivanska, Daruvar), U[P Zagreb (Forestry Office Samobor), UŠP Karlovac (Pisarovina, Krašić), UŠP Delnice (Forestry Office Vrbovsko, Fužine) and UŠP Buzet (Forestry Office Opatija).
The aim of the investigation was to determine the growth and development of Common beech, its height structure and the ratio of mixture in beech young plants on different localities of the natural range of distribution.

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Common beech, young plants, height structure, ratio of mixture

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