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The Bans Of Krsna Slava Among Catholics In Herzegovina (Summary)

Ivo Mišur orcid id ; Ladišina 15, 10000 Zagreb

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Krsna slava is a custom of celebrating a special patron saint of own family, which is widespread among Albanians, Montenegrins, Croats and Serbs in certain geographical areas. The paper presented some prohibitions on the celebration krsna slava among Croatian Roman Catholics in Herzegovina. The custom was forbidden by the Church authorities. Grgo Ilijić Varešanin was the first Catholic bishop who issued ban of krsna slava in the diocese of Mostar in the early 19th century. The fight against custom is continued by his successors bishops Augustin Miletić and Alojzije Mišić, who also issued bans. There were three reasons for the prohibition on krsna slava (the economic exhaustion of the hosts, incidents and crimes that occurred due to the consumption of large amounts of alcohol and disrespect of church holidays and fasts).
The manner of celebration and the social role of this custom have changed over the centuries. In 18th century it had a role of bacchanalias which in modern time is replaced by celebration of the New Years. The only profane function of Catholic baptism is to maintain interpersonal and inter-family ties, which are increasingly maintained through birthday celebrations. During communism, it was pushed into family homes. With the fall of communism and the re-acquisition of religious freedoms in the successor states, the celebration of slava is renewed in Serbia and became one of the basic features of - national-identification. In Croatia, due to the extreme localization of customs and stigmatization as a Serbian-Orthodox custom, it is being ignored in the media and the scientific community. Croatian krsna slava did not achieve a public-functional affirmation. The Catholic Church continued to ignore the custom and did not liturgize it. Despite everything, the krsna slava amond Croats, Catholics is still celebrated today and is increasingly returning to its original, religious function.

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krsna slava; customs; family patron saints; Croats; Hercegovina

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