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The Annunciation In Croatian Christian Spirituality (Summary)

Marko Dragić orcid id ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Splitu

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The Annunciation is the feast of the incarnation of the Saviour and Redeemer of the world. The angel Gabriel in Nazareth announced to the Virgin Mary that by the Holy Spirit she would conceive and give birth to a son whom she would name Jesus. According to legend, fearing that the Muslims would destroy it, the angels moved the house where the Annunciation happened to Trsat in Rijeka on 10 May 1291. From there the house was moved to Loreto on 10 December 1294 where it is still located today. Although the Annunciation is in Lent, it is a great feast characterized by religious rites, customs, religious oral lyrical poems (prayers), helping the poor and widows. At the Annunciation, girls and boys between the ages of thirteen and sixteen underwent the painful rite of tattooing crosses to save themselves from Turkish invaders. Religious oral lyrical poems are in accordance with the Gospel of Luke, and in some poems the influence of the Proto-Gospel of James and the Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew is observed. A significant number of poems listed and interpreted in the paper have anthological value.
Ancient pre-Christian elements are observed in some folk customs. The paper presents about forty examples of original field records from the Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many of the informants are no longer alive.

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Annunciation; Angel Gabriel; Blessed Virgin Mary; religious oral lyrical poems (prayers); oral stories

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