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Desulphurization of steel and pig iron

J. Kijac ; Faculty of Metallurgy, Technical University of Košice, Slovak Republik
M. Borgon ; U.S. Steel Košice, Slovak Republic

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Metallurgical slag qualities must be defined by the whole complex of physico - chemical characteristics, such as an oxidative ability, optical basicity, sulphide capacity up to slag fluidity, its surface tension etc. The understanding of regulation of basic physico - chemical qualities of molten metals and slag depending on a chemical structure and a temperature has its importance at the level of the metallurgical process control. Presented paper deals with the possibilities how to exploit the sulphidic capacity for the desulphurisation evaluation in course of the metal reafining in the oxygen converter based on the set of the operational data. The integral part of the work is the process of the pig iron desulphurisation.

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slag phase, optical basicity, sulphide capacity

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