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Analysis of the Social Challenge of the City of Barcelona Under the Model of the Quintuple Helix in a Covid-19 Context

Víctor Calderón-Fajardo ; Department of Economic and Business Sciences at the University of Malaga, Spain

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This study performed an exhaustive analysis of the context that has given rise to the related phenomena of tourism-phobia and touristification in the city of Barcelona. The Quintuple Helix innovation model developed by Carayannis, Barth, and Campbell is used as a model of open innovation to present a new perspective through which to counter the challenges of today's society. The Quintuple Helix supports the formation of a win-win situation between ecology, knowledge, and innovation, thereby creating synergies between economy, society, and democracy. The research also draws on the strategic city plan of Barcelona, articles in the specialized press, and reports presenting the opinions of a diverse range of professionals. The statistical data from official bodies and the answers to a questionnaire are validated through the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) model. The research analysis is a process of innovation that has not yet begun, thereby highlighting exciting questions about the potential role of the different actors involved. Our results support the idea that tourism-phobia in Barcelona remains uncontrolled and that a lack of understanding exists between the different actors. This leads to a fragile innovation process that is incapable of solving the social challenges posed by the tourism monoculture. The study offers a precise diagnosis of the actors' lack of control and cohesion and suggests that policymakers rethink how to manage the city together with tourism rather than focusing solely on tourist activities. Finally, we find that the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic perpetuates a model of unsustainable tourism-philia that will eventually feed back into tourism-phobia.

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tourism-phobia; touristification; tourism-philia; quintuple helix; Barcelona

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