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Media Freedoms in a Country in Transition

Dragutin Lučić

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The Europeanization of the media began before the onset of the period of transition
with a wide range of political and legislative changes. Political changes brought political
freedom to the media (freedom of fear from politicians) but not yet economic freedom
(independence of economic centres of power and the profit motive). Legislative
changes are proceeding at a slower pace than it was expected when the new authorities
took power. The media have already started to transform into the public media, but the
legislative framework for this change is still missing. For instance, journalists ought to
be represented in bodies discussing the printed media in state ownership, which, however,
is not yet regulated by law. Legislation should help the media to free themselves
from the influence of different centres of power and to secure that all source of information
should treat the different media on an equal footing. It is only through improved
professionalism (that is, better educated journalists), greater job security for
journalists and more open dialogue and freedom in society that journalists will be able
to play the role of public conscience and controllers of the authorities. There is nothing
wrong in the media ruling the world (as the saying goes) as long as the media (that is,
journalists) are engaged in the fight for freedom.

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