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Public Relations as the Reverse Side of Journalism

Aleksandra Kolarić

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str. 69-78

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Public relations is a profession for which no professional training is available in
Croatia at present. The government of the Republic of Croatia is trying to establish a
model of public relations activities of the kind developed in Slovenia. The interaction
of this model is intended to resolve certain problems which prevent public access to
information. The problems are communicational and psychological, including the
following: cumbersome administration resistant to change; only 13 or 14 out of the
total of 19 ministries have public relations officers; internal communication in the state
administration is inadequate (insufficient links to the Internet); some government
officials think that the role of public relations is to protect the state administration by
blocking the dissemination of information. On the other hand, there are uncontrolled
leakages of information that should not be leaked, which means that information is
given by people who are not authorized to do this. Finally, politicians are not yet
aware of the importance of the public relations service, which means that they do not
appreciate the importance of representation of their work to the public. Therefore, they
bar public relations officers from involvement in the process of decision-making.

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