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Knowledge and Skills – Guarantee for Professionalism

Stjepan Malović

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Croatian journalism is full of paradoxes, including the education of journalists. On the
one hand, it is widespread belief that the Croatian journalists played a key role of in
the democratization of the society, which could not be done without a high level of
professional knowledge and ethical issues. On the other hand, there are substantiated
arguments that the level of knowledge among journalists is low so that it is easy to
manipulate journalists.
Different professional meetings showed that Croatian journalists were not satisfied
with the level of their knowledge and skills. The educational structure of the Croatian
Journalists' Association, which has 3, 343 members, is following: 15 members with a
Ph.D., 19 members with an M.S., 1, 587 with a University degree, 226 with a college
degree, and 1, 496 with a high school degree.

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