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Daily Newspapers on the Croatian Market – Today and Tomorrow

Branko lovrić ; direktor dnevnih novina Večernji list d.d.

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str. 111-116

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The present newspaper market is the product of events taking place in this part of the
world during the last ten years. The period was marked by the loss of part of the readership
because of the new state borders, the abandonment of the socialist practice of
state subsidies, disintegration of large publishing systems, and false starts in privatization.
The printing and distribution monopoly was abolished. The early years of Croatian
independence were characterized by the incredibly large number of new titles, but
their life was short owing to the lack of readership. Weekly magazines started a cutthroat
race on the market, competing for sensationalism. The competition was less
sharp among the daily newspapers, but it was intensified with the arrival of the first
private daily newspaper Jutarnji list.
The long-term problems for the publishers are the declining living standards and purchasing
power of the population, small “advertising cake” (which dictates prices for
newspaper advertisements), and the increased costs brought about by the introduction
of the value added tax. In some way, the uncertainty regarding the future of the daily newspapers is additionally heightened by the sudden spread of electronic publications.
The survival and future of daily newspapers in Croatia will depend on the support of
new strategic partners, which will also help to avoid possible monopolization. The
solution of the problem of distribution and printing is a precondition for the arrival of
new investors. It is the duty of the Croatian government to make sure that the business
conditions are the same for everybody. The success or failure of individual newspapers
will depend on the proper market conditions, economic and legislative solutions, as
well as journalistic professionalism and editorial policy.

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