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Commercial Radio and Television in the Republic of Croatia – Ten Years Later

Zrinka Vrabec Mojzeš ; novinarka privatne radiopostaje Radio “101” /

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str. 123-128

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Media democratization remains one of the most important questions in the relations
between Croatia and international institutions. After a year of great expectations, the
present authorities still show no interest in correcting the mistakes and omissions of
the past period in the conduct of media policy in the commercial field. Over the past ten years, broadcasting concessions have been issued to about a 130 local radio stations
and 13 local televisions, thus creating a semblance of media plurality. In fact,
however, the state has used various means to maintain control over the electronic media.
The situation regarding commercial radio and television in Croatia is still unsatisfactory,
and changes are blocked by the failure of the Croatian Parliament to pass the
law on telecommunications and the law on Croatian Radio and Television, which
would create the conditions for the establishment of the necessary alternative to Croatian
Radio and Television.

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