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Five Dollars for Plagiarism: The Affair of Photographer Milan Pavić’s Copyright Infringement (1938 – 1948)

Hrvoje Gržina

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Using preserved sources and newspaper articles as a starting point, this paper discusses the so-called the Kalvarija affair, i.e. the illegal use of a photo by Milan Pavić, an amateur photographer from Daruvar, in the American professional magazine Minicam. This violation of property and moral rights at the beginning of the World War Two reverberated throughout the media space of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, with the great Croatian writer Miroslav Krleža also referring to it, in a somewhat ironic tone. In addition to the efforts of the photographer himself, the legal dispute also required the continuous involvement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and its Consulate General in New York. Although the Second World War slowed down the process, it was continued by the bodies of the newly established Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia at the author’s urging, however – as we will see in this research – they did not achieve the desired outcome either, so the case was abandoned in 1948.

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Milan Pavić; Elizabeth R. Hibbs; Miroslav Krleža; photography; copyright; Kingdom of Yugoslavia; Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia; FPRY; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Royal Yugoslav Consulate General in New York

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