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Impasse: Precarious Life (Summary)

Senka Božić-Vrbančić

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We live in a time saturated with a sense of precarity and chronic insecurity. The notion of crisis (pandemic, economic, political, environmental, migrant...) is overwhelming. This paper examines some affective registers of precarity in Croatia to raise questions on the historical present and what are the (possible) effects of precarity. I draw on three ethnographic fragments from my research with Uber drivers in Zagreb: (1) “I am free man” (2) “I sometimes think... ooh, why didn’t Hitler win!” (3) “Everything is gonna break down”. Even though these three fragments portray different reactions to various forms of precarity, together they tell an ambivalent story of the historical present and vulnerable connections that make us ponder the question: is there any potential for producing more capacious lenses for generating new futures through these vulnerable connections?

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precarity; crisis of the ordinary; impasse; new social imaginaries; Uber drivers

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