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Complications of pacemaker implantation

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pacemaker, complications, prevention

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Implantation of a pacemaker represents a “prolongation” of life, but at the same time it also requires a change in lifestyle habits (1). That is why it is necessary to approach each patient individually, with the aim for successful prevention of complications. Continuous professional education of nurses and permanent acceptance of new knowledge in the field of cardiology is equally necessary. With the aim of timely detection and suppression of possible complications after implantation of a heart pacemaker. Implantation of pacemakers becomes more essential partly due to the aging of the population and partly due to the expansion of indications. Although the procedure of implantation itself is simple but the risk of complications is still present and sometimes it is underestimated. The development of technology and the develop that occurs in operator’s experience have significantly reduced the frequent occurrence of complications. The most common complications are hematoma, pneumothorax, electrode dislocation and infection. American studies estimate that the frequency of acute complications is from 4% to 5%, and it is related to the experience of the operator, while the occurrence of later complications of pacemaker installation is around 2.7%. Death because of complications is very rare, so the mortality rate is from 0.08% to 1.1%. Retrospective research conducted at the University Hospital Centre Rijeka recorded similar data (2). The research conducted led to the conclusion that with the appearance of new technologies and knowledge about heart pacemaker implantation the incidence of complications is decreasing year by year. Likewise, the experience of the implanter contributes to the reduced occurrence of complications after the installation of the pacemaker. The aim of the exhibited poster is to show possible complications of pacemaker implantation and show the possible prevention and treatment of complications of pacemaker implantation.



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