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Improving the integrity of military-defence communication systems using network access points with a focus on terrestrial radio-relay links

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Obvious changes in a very broad field of the information and communication
technologies are the key driver of the accelerated development of every sphere of
human activity, including private life. In the military organization, this technological
progress is present through the “post 2000” concept of the networked implementation
of operations, which is implemented to varying degrees in armies around the world.
New confrontations on the modern front include demands for an ever-increasing
volume of the electronic traffic, complexity of the systems that generate, share and
consume information content, and above all, the fastest possible availability of the
relevant information. The race for information superiority is accompanied, on the
other hand, by an ever more destructive highly sophisticated threats, from classic
degradations and physical destruction, action of the hybrid (intelligence-combat)
platforms of the unmanned systems, to cyber-electromagnetic activities of an offensivedefensive nature.
The new paradigms of the multi-domain warfare and expected scenarios that such
forms of engagement put forward, demand from the modern military organization
further normative arrangements within the functional area related to communication
information systems. At the operational-strategic level, they imply the introduction
of adequate organizational concepts and doctrines, while in the implementation part
they require correction of the established tactics, techniques and procedures.
In such an operational environment, integrative efforts within today’s militarydefence communication systems transformed into unique complete solutions have
brought a special challenge. Key networking of the mission components is provided
by network access points. For this reason, they are the subject of special attention
of the network designers, both conceptually and in terms of implementation. The
effectiveness of their functioning is also an assessment of the maturity of military
thinking, inventiveness and engineering practice – which will bring along defeats or
victories to any combat system in future challenges.

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tactical communication system of land combat forces; military-defence network of strategic level; integrity of military-defence networks; network access point; deployable communication and information system; MANET network; terrestrial radio relay link; multi-domain warefare;

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