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The Books of the Glagolitic Writers of the Zadar Archbishopric in the Middle Ages

Petar Runje ; Ogulin, Hrvatska

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Much has been written about Glagolitic books and it is probable that this theme will continue to be of interest and that books will be written about books. I have already written a book about the Glagolitic books in the Zadar archbishopric during the Middle Ages. Leafing through old manuscripts I encounter new facts about Glagolitic books because it seems that this theme will never cease to be interesting to research scholars. In this article I repeat some already published data, broaden and add new ones which, according to my opinion, are valuable, facts about old manuscripts concerning Glagolitic books. Noblemen placed orders for Glagolitic books such as duke Novak and copied them themselves. They cared for books because they were believers, they cared for them because they were owners of land, churches, parishes which needed books for public worship and rituals. Priests from the interior of Lika and Kordun and from other coastal bishoprics and cities came to do service in the area of the Zadar archbishopric. That mobility has not sufficiently been underscored in the analysis of our older cultural past. Very frequently one gets the impression that in the mobility of the populace from one place to another there are no borders. The largest number of the codices mentioned here are doubtlessly Glagolitic. Some of them I have mentioned because they belonged to a Glagolitic priest while for others I presuppose they are Glagolitic. I have recorded data for a fair number of books of which we can say that they were written in Latin and they are referred to in the article. This would deserve a whole new formulation of the problem and certainly an exhaustive insight and presentation. However, I am conscious that only that which is published has a certain weight and this is the reason that I return to this issue in this form. Without doubt an abundance of not yet used valuable archival facts for further elaboration awaits future diligent researchers.

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Glagolitic books, Zadar archbishopric, Middle Ages

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