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The Inventory of the Records of the Convent of St. Nicholas of the Order of St. Clare in Zadar

Stanko Josip Škunca ; Pula, Hrvatska

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str. 185-204

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In the State Archive in Zadar one can find a listing of old parchments and records of the convent of St. Nicholas of the Order of St. Clare in Zadar which were stored there probably after the rescinding of the convent. The listing written in Italian was composed at some time during the 19th century and follows a generally chronological sequence. Recently it was copied by Atanazije Matanić surely for the purpose of publication but his sudden death (2004) thwarted this intention. The author of the article found it in Matanić’s estate and decided to translate it into Croatian and publish it because it offers precious data not only about the convent but also about the history of the city of Zadar. He numerated the text, added notes and corrected the chronological sequence while his tiny supplements have been written in italics in order to make it easier to read. Before the inventory of the records the author gives a short historical overview of this institution. The inventory is followed by a number of chronological notes and available statistical data. In the appendix he publishes the Croatian translation of the Report written in Latin during the apostolic visit paid to the convent by bishop Augustin Valier in 1579 in which amongst other things one finds a listing of the valuable objects of the church of St. Nicholas.

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Zadar, convent of St. Nicholas, Order of St. Clare

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