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Decorative Objects in Use in the Zadar Area in Historical Sources from the End of the 13th to the End of the 16th Century

Ivna Anzulović ; Zavod za povijesne znanosti HAZU u Zadru, Zadar, Hrvatska

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This work is the continuation of the article Jewelry in the Zadar Area in the Historical Sources from the 13th to the End of the 16th Century which was published in the journal Radovi Zavoda za povijesne zananosti HAZU u Zadru (48, 2006.). On the basis of the inventory of property, wills and the inventory of dowries, it sets forth data about decorative objects which were in use and which primarily relate to clothing and the wearing of such objects. These objects are the following: belts, various buckles, buttons, medals, strings of beads, different decorations on particular parts of clothing, such as ribbons made of silver, gold or pearls, breastworks, headwear, sleeves, necklaces, etc.. These objects were made generally out of silver, gilt silver, in rarer cases out gold. Decorations on these pieces were made out glass, bones, amber, corals. As is the case with jewelry, pearls were used which are particularly to be found as decorations on clothing itself. As far as techniques of decoration are concerned filigree and enamel are in evidence. Some of these objects are to be found in accessible and published archeological material so that this article is, amongst other things, a contribution to a more precise dating of these objects.

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Zadar, sources, decorative objects

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