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Two Listings of the Assets of 15th Century Painters from Split

Emil Hilje ; Odjel za povijest umjetnosti Sveučilišta u Zadru, Zadar, Hrvatska

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The archival material relating to painting in Split during the 15th century is still not sufficiently known. The publication of the listings of assets of two painters from Split – Antun Pribislava Rastinović and Marinel Dujmov Vučković – supplemented by other archival information pertaining to their lives and their activities has as its purpose the reconstruction of their biographies, the conditions in which they worked but also the complexity of the relations within the social community, the connections between the masters of the same profession, the movement of people, goods and ideas within the broader circumference of the Adriatic coast. Although we are dealing with two painters whose possibly preserved works have not as of now been recognized, the data concerning their connections with prominent Dalmatian artists but also with the Padua artistic circles reveal their role in the artistic events in Dalmatia around the middle of the 15th century. Basically Antun Restinović was a modest provincial painter who approached his work as if it were any other craft. However, evidence of his activities in Split, Šibenik and Zadar as well as his cooperation with the prominent Dalmatian painter Dujmo Marinov Vučković points to the fact that he must have been a skillful painter who enjoyed a certain amount of renown. Sadly he died relatively young so that he failed to leave behind a more significant opus. Marinelo Vučković, the son of Restinović’s associate Dujmo, was a wholly distinct personality within the framework of the Dalmatian artistic circles of the 15th century. Although he was an educated painter and the son of a prominent painter it appears that he hardly worked within his craft. However, instead of this he developed an authentic collector’s passion, collecting primarily drawings but other artistic works as well. In doing so he came into contact with some of the most prominent artists of his time such as Jurj Dalmatinac, Nikola Vladanov, Juraj Čulinović and Francesco Squarcione. The listing of assets that was made after his death, which reveals an entire artistic collection with over a thousand various drawings, provides unique testimony to the artistic culture of the second half of the 15th century in Dalmatia.

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painters from Split, 15th century, assets

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