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The Inventory of the Lantana Family

Dubravka Kolić ; Državni arhiv u Zadru, Zadar, Hrvatska

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str. 355-437

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The Lantana family fond was created by the labors of its members through seven generations. During the entire 18th and 19th century the family was in the narrowest circle of the powerful Zadar circles and left traces in all walks of life. In addition to data about the Lnatana family the material of this fond enables one to find facts about the related families Begna Posedarski, Borelli and Ponte. Members of the Lantana family were active in the social life of the city. Their activities from political to charitable engagements to membership in numerous associations and the documentation which records this offer an insight into the variety and the richness of Zadar everyday life. Without doubt the fond is most important for the exploration of the history of the Zadar islands, their economies, their administrative and especially their military setup. Since the most important properties of the family were scattered amongst the Zadar islands, the fond contains the complete documentation of the agrarian social relations of the time. In the series which contain the documents of those family members who were officers in the territorial forces, there is a large quantity of material which is a first class source for researching this military organization within the Zadar territory and in the Dubrovnik district during the period of the second Austrian administration. The material contains valuable data for the demographic study of the entire Zadar island group and for each individual island.

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Lantana family, inventory, archival fond

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