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Marina Battara’s Printing Shop with a Listing of the Publications Printed from 1817−1824

Mirisa Katić Piljušić ; Državni arhiv u Zadru, Zadar, Hrvatska

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The Battara firm finds mention as early as the 17th century “when shops where one could buy books began to open in Zadar. At that time we find two such shops, the property of Giovanni Battara and Antonio Ribolini, newcomers from Venice”. Antonio Luigi Battara founded the family printing shop and his life and work is known just as the activities of his sons Pietro Antonio and Napoleon Francesco who fourteen years after the death of their father inherited the firm. What is less known is the life and work of the widow of A. L. Battara, Marina Battara, whose maiden name was Anić, the first woman printer in Zadar, a woman who lived to an old age which is a rarity amongst printers and who bequeathed her work under the names of her deceased husband and her two sons. Today in Zadar libraries it is possible to identify 650 publications printed in the printing shop of Marina Battara in the period between 1817 and 1831. The period during which she single-handedly ran the only Zadar printing shop from 1817 to 1824 has not yet been covered by a complete catalogue of all editions. This is particularly true when one speaks of minute printings and the official publications of the Dalmatian government which can in large numbers be found in the State Archive and to a lesser extent in the Scientific Library in Zadar. Alongside the usual description of publications the notes to the article add a short description of the contents in order to facilitate identification.

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Marina Battara’s printing shop in Zadar, the publications of the Dalmatian Government, the State Archive in Zadar

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