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Yugonationalists on the Island of Korčula

Tonko Barčot ; Vela Luka (o. Korčula), Hrvatska

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In the article the author gives an account of the Yugonationalist group, that is, the political bloc which espoused the idea of a centralized and unitary monarchy on the island of Korčula. The time frame of the article is the period from 1921 marking the annexation of the island of Korčula to the Kingdon of Serbians, Croats and Slovenes to the ending of WWII war operations on the island of Korčula in 1944. Special attention is given to the events of WWII when the Korčula Yugonationalists through their passive policy position themselves between the Italian annexation authorities and the National Liberation movement. The author offers a detailed description of the relationship between these “blocs”. The article analyses the temporary departures from this policy of non-confrontation, that is the collaboration with the chetnik movement. Note is made of the position and the activities of the Yugonationalists in refugees’ camp in El Shatt (1944−46). On the basis of extant literature, archival documents but also of oral testimony the author delineates those factors and circumstances which contributed to the minorization of the influence of the Yugonationalists and their final disappearance from the political and public scene.

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Yugonationalists, the island of Korčula, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, WWII, the chetnik movement, Italian annexation administration, National Liberation movement, El Shatt

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