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Vrsi under Italian Occupation in WWII

Marijan Diklić ; Zavod za povijesne znanosti HAZU u Zadru, Zadar, Hrvatska

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This longer article begins by describing the beginning of WWII, the dismemberment of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and the Italian occupation of the Adriatic parts of Croatia after which it concentrates on the occupation and annexation of northern Dalmatia, the district of Nin and the village Vrsi. It then discusses the functioning and the structure of the Italian occupational administration, fascist violence perpetuated on the Croatian people and the forceful imposition of an Italian identity. As a next step the article discusses the organization of the partisan anti-fascist movement of resistance in the Nin area and in the village of Nin, the commencement of armed struggle against the Italians and their collaborators, the departure of the first Vrsi villagers into the partisans, into ustashe forces or into the ranks of the home guardsman. What follows is a concise description of the ustashe-home guardsman and the anti-fascist-partisan group in Vrsi, of the first partisan in the village, the killing of the heads of the village Milan Božić and Krše Maraš, the capture of the chief organizer of the uprising Rafael Božić and his family, the imprisonment and the shooting of Marko Valčić the main figure in the village Croatian Peasant Party branch, the establishment and activities of the village National Liberation Committee and the organization of the Communist Party in Vrsi. At the end the article discusses the camp inmates from Vrsi, the massive departure of the Vrsi villages into the partisans in the summer of 1943, the capitulation of the Kingdom of Italy and the arrival of the Germans into the Zadar-Nin area.

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Vrsi, WWII, fascism, communism

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