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Radiation Doses of Common Dental Radiographic Examinations: A Review

Sharon L. Brooks ; University of Michigan, School of Dentistry, Department of Periodontics and Oral Medicine, Ann Arbor, USA

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Even low doses of radiation have the potential to cause biologic harm by way of stochastic effects, those, like carcinogenesis, whose probability of occurrence is dependent on radiation dose. Effective radiation doses range from 4-16 μSv for panoramic radiographs to 33-150 μSv for a full-mouth intraoral series, depending on exact technique used. Effective doses from cone-beam CT vary significantly, depending on the specifi c equipment used, but in general are much higher than for panoramic radiographs but less than for multidetector CT. Methods to reduce the dose from dental x-ray examinations include the use of selection criteria to determine whether a radiograph is needed, the use of fast image receptors, and increased beam collimation, particularly for children.

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X-Rays, Radiation X, Radiography, Dental, Digital

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