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Quality of Life and Social Support among Mothers of Children with Developmental Language Disorder

Iva Tadić ; Poliklinika za rehabilitaciju slušanja i govora SUVAG, Zagreb, Ulica kneza Ljudevita Posavskog 10, Zagreb

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The purpose of this study was to investigate quality of life among mothers of children with developmental
language disorder and its correlation with social support.
The study included 88 mothers of children with language disorders who were enrolled in the
Comprehensive rehabilitation programme of the SUVAG Polyclinic, its preschool and elementary school
department. Data were collected using questionnaires that assessed various dimensions of quality of life
and social support, as well as socioeconomic information. Results indicate that mothers of children
with developmental language disorder report significantly lower quality of life which is correlated with
different aspects of social support. Participants indicated they were the most satisfied with informal
sources of support (friends, spouse and family) and least satisfied with formal support (specialised
In conclusion, it would appear that quality of life among mothers of children with developmental language
disorder is not satisfactory. Terefore, a key policy priority should be the creation and implementation of
comprehensive social support programmes which will be family-centered, holistic and individualised.

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quality of life, social support, parents of children with disabilites, developmental language disorder

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