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Notes for the study of medieval Solin (1)

Ivan Alduk

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The Classical and early medieval history of Solin play an immense role in the contexts of the national and the European histories alike. This paper is a collection of notes on the time that followed the most famous part of the Solin's history, making a base for further and more detailed researches. So far, this period has been best treated in the numerous works of Rev. Lovre Katić on the medieval and Early Modern Period history of Solin. The paper is intended to make a triptych. The first part, published in this issue of Tusculum, is to describe briefly time, space, borders and communications. The second part will be dedicated to the objects that existed alongside the communications and within the borders – churches, cemeteries, settlements, fortifications. The third part would be dedicated to the people of that time and the attitudes for the Classical town's ruins. Strictly speaking, in the period of time dealt with here there was no clearly delineated area of Solin, because its main character was being fought for by both Klis and Split. Same as in the previous, Classical, period, through the Solin area passed extremely important communications, connecting this area with its closer and farther hinterlands, but also with the neighbouring area of Trogir. Besides these, there are also less important, local communications, still waiting to be properly valued.

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Solin; High Middle Ages; Late Middle Ages; borders; communications

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