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Cohors I Alpinorum vel cohors I milliaria Delmatarum?

Nikola Cesarik orcid id

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Along with an overview of the basic facts related to the development of the Roman garrison in Dalmatia during the Principate, the author discusses the strange case of the presence of cohors I Alpinorum in these areas. He also corrects the reading of an earlier fragmentary inscription from Salona, which, instead of the mentioned unit, he attributes to the cohors I milliaria Delmatarum, founded during the joint reign of Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus. Lastly, he provides basic data about the two cohorts of Delmatae (cohortes I et II milliaria Delmatarum), since some new evidence, revealing their activities in the peripheral parts of the province of Dalmatia, has emerged.

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Dalmatia; roman army; Salona; cohors I Alpinorum; cohors I milliaria Delmatarum; cohors II milliaria Delmatarum; Makljenovac; Kremna; Čačak

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