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From the treasury of secular repertoire of the Pučki pivači Gospe of Otoka choir of Solin Transcriptions and linguistic-musical analysis of eight traditional chants (Part One: Male texts)

Mirko Jankov orcid id ; Umjetnička akademija Sveučilišta u Splitu

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The Pučki pivači choir of Solin are best known as the bearers and leaders of the (para)liturgical singing of the Glagolitic roots in the parish church of Gospa od Otoka (after which they have been named decades ago), recently also in the newly built basilica of the Holy Family. Yet, a significant part of their traditional repertoire includes also chants of secular themes and purposes – the heritage vocal expression that this entire paper is dedicated to. Due to the unavoidable fluctuation of the choir members, especially the (permanent) leaving of its older members, their recent successors, especially the fresh/er singers, are
facing the inevitable challenges of maintaining and intergenerational transmission of (to them close and dear) singing tradition. The feeling of non-materiality, even fragility, of the music practice and the very music literature – both ecclesiastical and secular (where, here too established is existence of certain, often significant, points of contact) – as well as the latent fear of loosing the performing reliability, and the singing memory deviations, have also been contributed by the recent viral pandemics. It is the very pandemics that prompted the singers and their leader to preserve eight secular chants (with male singer texts) in
the information-audio manner – from 2020 till 2021 – aimed to transcribing and a clear musical analysis and – consequentially – learning/repeating this literature to the present and future members of this male choir. Furthermore, the gained knowledge may be included into the knowledge generally dealing with the Dalmatian klapa singing, whereas the very transcription may make creative-instigating starting points for new artistic (klapa form) arrangements.

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Solin; Pučki pivači od Gospe od Otoka; folk secular singing; Glagolitic chant; klapa singing; chant transcriptions; music arrangements

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