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In Memoriam Milan Ivanišević (8 May 1937 – 30 December 2021)

Arsen Duplančić
Marko Matijević

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Milan Ivanišević was born in Split on 3 May 1937. In Split he completed his grammar school, whereas his studies of the history of art he completed in Zagreb in 1963. He worked in the Conservation Institute for Dalmatia as a conservator from 1964 till 1967, and in the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments from 1967 till 1981, as its Director from 1974 till 1979. From 1981 till the retirement in 1998 he was the Director of the Arts Gallery in Split. Ivanišević studied the works of various artists, from Andrija Aleši and Juraj Dalmatinac to Emil Vecchietti, Ivan Meštrović and Ivo Dulčić. He wrote on iconographic themes, especially
on St. Ivan of Trogir and St. Domnio, as well as on the classical and medieval historic sources relating to Salona and Solin. He contributed to numerous magazines and newspapers, and published also several books. He was a long time contributor to the magazine Tusculum and the monthly Solinska kronika, writing on the themes of the history and arts of the Solin area. Great knowledge, expertness and meticulousness are the words depicting Milan Ivanišević. Therefore his works are reliable and abounding in verified and useful information. With the departure of Milan Ivanišević, who passed away in Split on 30 December 2021, the Croatian science and culture have lost an expert and a man who after him left a valuable and rich heritage.

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